Firewire Slab Surfboard by Pyzel Surfboards

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  • £450

The Firewire FST Slab surfboard by Pyzel. The Slab is a performance surfboard which represents John John Florence's ideas refined and fine-tuned into his perfect free surfing board. John John wanted to trim 3 inches off the nose of his normal shortboard and increase the tail rocker. Once Pyzel and John John had put their heads together the outcome was inevitably something special. The result is quite possibly one of the most desirable shortboards out there. The fuller nose, fatter top section make for an extremely high performance fun board that'll go well in a wide range of conditions.

The rapid response flex memory in the Future Shapes Technology used in these boards yields great speed through the turns whilst the parabolic rail configuration guarantees 100% return memory for years.

The parabolic balsa rails flex at the start of a turn storing energy and rebound through the turn releasing built up energy in the form of speed. The spring back of the parabolic rails to the original rocker triggers rapid acceleration, like an arrow shot from a bow. The construction materials, a unique formulation of hi-tech epoxy resins and advanced composites mean that these boards maintain the lively feel you get with brand new polyurethane boards, but are up to 20% lighter and will last 5+ times longer.