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Why we always recommend beginners getting a Surf Lesson

Why we always recommend beginners getting a Surf Lesson

Some people may like to just hire a surfboard having never surfed before and just try to get the basics themselves, but we always try to recommend booking a surf lesson before you head into the sea solo, it really is beneficial for so many reasons:

👉Safety: Our experienced instructors teach you how to navigate the sea safely, including understanding currents, tides, and surf etiquette. Which is really important for some of our surf beaches especially  Porth Neigyl / Hells Mouth  which is an unlifeguarded busy beach.

👉Learning Proper Technique: We teach you the correct form and techniques, helping you progress faster and avoid bad habits that could hinder your surfing ability and increase that learning curve even  quicker.

👉Customized Instruction: We can tailor our lessons  to suit your skill level, whether you’re a complete beginner or an intermediate looking to refine your surf skills to have you properly riding waves.

👉Confidence Building: We give great guidance so you can gain confidence in the water, knowing you have the support and knowledge needed to handle various constantly changing conditions in the sea.

👉Equipment Use: We provide all necessary lesson equipment, allowing you to try different boards and gear without the initial investment. With the added benefit of it being right there for you at the beach without having to squeeze a sandy surfboard into a car.

👉Local Knowledge: Our surf Instructors have in-depth knowledge of the local surf spots, understanding the swell, wind and conditions, ensuring you surf at locations suitable for your skill level and conditions with advice you can use in the future.

But in all honestly including all of the above, we make our lessons FUN.


To book a Surf Lesson, click our 'Activities' page

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