Like any Red Paddle Co product, there is a paddle to suit your riding experience. Our designers have ensured there is a paddle for all abilities and people. Ranging from the Kiddy Alloy perfect for children, to the Ultimate Carbon for the high performers. Our paddles are made using three different raw materials alloy, hybrid (carbon and glass fibre) or high end carbon, tailoring to all performers’ abilities and needs. The alloy paddles are family friendly and ideal for an entry level paddler. The Hybrid paddles are perfect for any enthusiastic paddlers who are looking for a lighter shaft to increase power output and save energy. Carbon paddles are the lightest, stiffest and fastest of all, coming with varying grades to suit any paddlers wishes. The blade material and shape are essential for any paddling experience. It is designed to deliver optimum power output with minimum drag. The tear drop blades are reinforced and sculpted for a more direct power output. Nylon blades provide maximum durability, whilst glass fibre and carbon blades offer increased speed and power.

There are three different types of paddles Fixed, Vario (two piece) and 3 Piece.

The Fixed paddle is stronger and firmer, the ultimate paddle for regular paddlers who don’t need to bag it up.

The Vario is the perfect one for sharing, as it is quickly adjusted for different rider heights using different lock mechanisms.

The 3 Piece is the most popular paddle, as they are practical and ideal for travel, but with no compromise on quality. They easily split into three parts, making it easy to fit into your Red Paddle Co backpack. The different adjustor types are key to the convenience and performance of the paddle.