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Are you a Seasonal Christmas present gifter?

Are you a Seasonal Christmas present gifter?

Abersoch summer beach scenes, people playing in the sea hot sunny day

We all fall into the trap of gifting items that have a winter theme, such as hats and gloves and yes they really are great presents but there’s also 3 other seasons out there, and we don’t want them to accuse you of favouritism do we? Ok so you probably think we’ve lost our Christmas crackers (all the best of us have), I guess we should probably try and set the scene……….

Imagine it’s a boiling hot Abersoch day, the sand is almost too hot to walk on and there’s a distinct smell of suncream in the air, the beach is loud and noisy with all the sounds of summer at the seaside and then something catches your eye, a couple cruising tandem on a paddle board, a little girl laughing catching her first wave on a bodyboard, a lady throwing  a towel robe on to grab ice creams, a little boy in wetsuit boots climbing in the rock pools, a teenager waxing a surfboard, You take it all in and make a mental note that ‘that’ would make a great Christmas present, so incase you’d forgotten, consider this your reminder… don’t be a seasonal gifter, think about what they REALLY wanted back in the summer.

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Ps. We do still love socks for Christmas! #socksforever 



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