Far King Wax - Soft/ Cool

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 Far king soft wax is made for the cool climate sticky wax surf addict. Designed for those who want great traction even after multiple hours in cool water. Wax hardness is a personal choice, Whilst we recommend it in cool water it could also be used by someone who likes a super sticky wax in warmer waters or someone who likes it a bit harder in cold waters!

Important Far King Message:

The Unique Far King blend of traction additives works best when first applied as a fresh coat. For the best Far King results please remove all other waxes before you start using far king great surf wax. Simply remove old wax and apply a fresh far king coat to a cool deck in even strokes rail to rail and nose to tail. Once your board has Far King wax, it is easy just to re-apply another Far King coat before each surf.