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four firewire surfboards  demo, sweet potato, the Revo. volcanic seaside in Abersoch north Wales

Firewire Surfboards Demo Program has arrived to Abersoch Watersports

So would you really buy a car without taking it for a test drive? Why not the same for a high performance surfboard before you make that investment, exactly!

We’re so pleased to be able to offer our customers and the  local surf community the chance to try, rent and demo any of the boards in our Firewire Demo range. We know its rare to get the opportunity to rent a high performance surfboard, hire boards usually fall in the beginner category, so we've decided to up our game and all for the standard surfboard rental price of £30 per day.

The wide choice of surfboards on the market can often make it hard to make the right decision, especially if you’re upgrading to your 1st performance surf board, so don’t just be stuck with the board you thought would be right for you, talk to us, surf all the demo boards and match your ability to the right board perfectly suited to you. On the flip side you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle and not enough room for your surfboard in the car for your holiday to the Llyn Peninsula or if the charts suddenly come alight and you’re a bit passed a standard beginners surfboard or if you just really wanted to try that surfboard that Rob Machado seems to cruise on so effortlessly, especially with the fancy new volcanic construction, well we’ve got you covered.

Well why Firewire surfboards for the demo quiver I hear you ask. For a start we surf them ourselves which always says something, with our choice of the board rack. They've been making surfboards for over 17years with a reputation for being the 1st global surfboard manufacturer to introduce 100% EPS/Epoxy construction, they’ve pushed the boundaries of trying to use construction methods that cause less harm to the environment. We like their mission and vision of aiming to improve the surfing experience as much as possible while impacting the environment as little as possible with core values being maximum fun and minimum environment impact. They produce a wide range of surfboards  from the shortest fishes to longboard cruisers, and the name speaks for itself with their worldwide brand recognition and a long list of pro surfers that ride them from pros on the WSL like longstander Kelly Slater and  old school ripper and wave icon Rob Machado and Barrel pro Timmy Reyes.

So what are we putting in the Firewire Demo Program:

The Sweet Potato : 5'10": Small wave board that's fast, fun wide, flat and rockered with a refined swallow tale. This boards got an insane amount of volume packed into a very shortboard and packs a ton of drive in even mediocre waves.

The Mash-up: 5'10": The brainchild of Rob Machado and Dan Mann, a mix match of their favourite elements of their successful shapes the Seaside and the Spitfire. Fast in weak waves that equally drives vertically in good waves, the ultimate everyday board built in helium technology.

The Revo: 5'9": Featuring a vee quad concave, the cutting edge in performance hull design, combining exceptional manoeuvrability and rail to rail transitions. Catches waves easily with exceptional lift and response,  whilst maintaining a controlled feel to give a unique high performance surf experience that can be ridden as a thruster or a  2+1 set-up.

Volcanic Seaside: 5'4": This is one of our Firewire favourites, its cruisey yet  fast and  skatey for more carves and lighter turns. This Seaside is in Volcanic Tech construction so made from Basalt Fibers Extruded from Volcanic Rocks that are crushed, melted and extruded into woven fibers that make up the cloth, because the fibers are derived from Organic Raw materials, when combined with Bio Resins it serves as better degradable ECO alternative than using traditional carbon fiber cloth. One of  Rob Machado's shape of choice and named after his home break. Its a quad only and the Helium construction makes it light, responsive and really flexi and durable with a softer feel.


 The Firewire Demo program will soon be available to book via our website, but in the meantime we want to get the ball rolling, please give us a call or send us a DM via our social media channels to reserve which board you want to hire/demo on a particular day, but please ask us any questions on what we think may suit you in certain surf conditions combined with your surfing ability. 

We want your feedback on the board you've demo'd and also boards that you think we should add to the program over time, its all about offering a service you want to use again and again with the aim to help you find your perfect board.


Here's Woods taking the Volcanic Seaside demo for its maiden surf, he loved it and the verdict was "Fast, springy and so much fun in small/medium waves"    and besides who doesn't love a brand new board under their feet, Be quick to get 1st dibs on the currently  fresh and unsurfed shapes ;The Revo, The Sweet potato and The Mash-UP

Get in touch if you want any more details. Now pray for some fun waves and get out there and have fun trying these epic Firewire high performance surfboards.



1 Reply on Firewire Surfboards Demo Program has arrived to Abersoch Watersports

  • Mark Jenkinson Mark Jenkinson

    Hi, I’m interested in the 6’06” mashup but can’t find anywhere that will allow me to do this.

    There are a few companies which allow a 30 day ride out but only if I purchase the board. If the board isn’t right for me, my only option would be to exchange it.

    Do you offer any kind of rentals on the 6’06” mashup?

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