surfer in a wetsuit on a wave at north ceiriad in North Wales near Abersoch

The Christmas Mrs.AW won 'Girlfriend of the year"

Mrs AW: “It was a Christmas well over 18+years  ago, pre us owning Abersoch Watersports. Woods was absolutely pining for this particular 2nd hand surfboard on eBay and he’d set...

Phill Wood from surf shop Abersoch Watersports explains his surfboard collection, surfboards from DHD, Sharp Eye, Slater designs Akila Aipa and Lib Tech

The head honcho breaks down whats in his Quiver

The Captain of Abersoch Watersports, Phill Wood explains his quiver, his personal collection of surfboards that covers all wave conditions from shapers Lib Tech, Sharp Eye, Slater Designs / Akila...

The love of a surf WAG is like no other

The love of a surf WAG is like no other

So with valentines day here, I'm pretty keen to highlight the L-O-V-E of a surf wife or girlfriend, with over 20something years of experience I think I just about qualify...